Saturday, April 03, 2010

Time to make some baby plans!

We are 30 weeks this week....that means 10 weeks til baby Ronan arrives! And after the day I had Friday (and putting them off for all the "other" plans we've been making), I've decided that it's time to start making some plans for his arrival. The basic stuff like the clothes, carseat and crib are really just details and are things we have ready to pull out, but there are a few minor issues that we didn't even have to think about when Alistair was born, which are helping prepare me to be the mother of 2! 1st of all, what to do with Alistair when we go to the hospital? We have a regular babysitter, but she has school during the day. Which would be fine if Ronan waits until his June 16th due date (summer vaca). How long can we leave Alistair with someone (depending on who's available) before Noah will have to leave me to tend to him? What if it's the middle of the night? We don't know when labor will begin or how long it will take. How do you plan for something that's impossible to plan for?! I asked that same question to my doctor last week when he asked me if I had starting thinking about a birth plan. So, here's my "plan:" Let's see what happens! Sounds good, huh?! I'm not going to sweat it. Nature calls the shots, not me, so why bother, right?! Obviously, I'll have people ready and "on call" for Alistair, but would it REALLY hurt if he came with us, even just for a bit until someone could get him?

So, what kicked my butt into gear?! Well, at Friday's appointment, I had borderline BP again, which is NOT a big deal. What WAS a big deal was the semi-regular "uterine activity" I was experiencing. In other words, contractions! I was a little freaked out, to say the least, and after spending 3 1/2 hours that morning timing and logging them, I rushed to pack overnight bags for both myself and Alistair in the event that my doctor sent me to the hospital for monitoring. Just the thought of POSSIBLY delivering a baby 10 1/2 weeks early had me in tears, but remember, Noah's still in Va and we're still in Md! It would take him at least 3 hours to get here! Thankfully, my doctor decided to just send me home on modified rest for the weekend and have me monitor myself. Things are calm now and so am I. I will be going back to work on Monday and, hopefully, be getting to my due date by just slowing down a bit.

Lots of stuff is happening around the yard these days too! Noah has been home on the weekends and we've been cleaning up storm damage from the blizzards, trimming bushes and getting the garden ready for planting!

My "babies" at Storytime!

All 3 at their friend, Ryan's bday party!

Alistair pulling a ribbon out of the "non-violent" pinata!
(That's right, you pull strings until someone pulls the one that makes it fall apart.
We don't beat pinatas anymore! What is this world coming to?)

The landscaping is looking good!
My husband is the BEST!
(I haven't been able to be much help)

Rototiller at a yard sale for $20, turn a wrench, file a sparkplug and....
(Sorry, camera lense was smudged a bit)

Aren't they just the best?!

My 3 and their friend, Bella, at the Kiddos Gym!

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