Friday, March 30, 2007

You can add Sushi to the list.....

....of things I can no longer eat. Thought it would make a nice lunch date with my husband on a very unexpected day off, but BABY had other plans and I ended up having water and mini pretzels from 7-11. However, Daddy got to eat his lunch AND mine, so at least he was full! :)

Also, THE ULTRASOUND is Friday, April 20th. Our appointment is for 9:15am and I will be returning to work afterward, so plan on an important post (with pictures) that evening!

I saw the midwife on Monday and she says, "I think you have a good one in there!" Growth and heartrate are right on target and everything looks GREAT! I had lost a pound between 8 and 12 weeks and still haven't gained any weight, so now I have permission to eat whatever I want, cuz when I see the Ms. Brown again on May 5th, I have to have some more weight on me. Which may not be so hard now that BABY'S growing so fast! (and it's still 5 weeks away!)

OH! And I have a recording of the BABY'S heartbeat, which I will post as soon as I get it onto my computer! So, check back soon!

Thanks for checking in and here's a side shot of the belly at 16 weeks (a weeks ago)!

Love, Patricia

Sunday, March 25, 2007

French fries, Mexican Food and Chuck Norris!

We just passed the 16 week mark on Friday so we're getting well into our 2nd trimester now. French fries are my new favorite food!!!! I don't know if it's the salt or what, but Wendy's fries are enjoyed at anytime of any day! I'm not really craving fruit so much anymore, but my sweet tooth is BAD! I've been trying to eat fruit when I get a craving for sugar, but cream soda sounds sooooo good!!! YUM!

Mexican food no longer sits well with me. We went to our favorite Mexican place last night and I almost puked before we left.

Chuck Norris? Well, that's what I'm calling the baby today! I've been feeling little flutters and jabs for over a week now, but this morning I put my hand on the belly and could feel the kicks from the outside!!! I hurried up and put Noah's hand there and he jumped back (and almost as high as the ceiling) and screamed, "OH SHIT!" It was the weirdest thing to feel it so unmistakably, it REALLY IS like having an alien inside you! What an amazing moment!! I laughed for close to 30 minutes after that!

Aunt Trish, I'm sorry I've haven't posted in so long. I promise to post more often now that more is going on!!!!

Stay tuned, midwife appointment tomorrow and THE BIG ULTRASOUND in 2 or 3 weeks (depending on Noah's schedule)!!!

We're closing in on the halfway point and (obviously) baby's getting stronger!!!!

Love you all!!! Thank you so much for reading!!!

Oh, here's a cool shot of the 16 week belly getting wider and higher!!!!!