Friday, March 30, 2007

You can add Sushi to the list.....

....of things I can no longer eat. Thought it would make a nice lunch date with my husband on a very unexpected day off, but BABY had other plans and I ended up having water and mini pretzels from 7-11. However, Daddy got to eat his lunch AND mine, so at least he was full! :)

Also, THE ULTRASOUND is Friday, April 20th. Our appointment is for 9:15am and I will be returning to work afterward, so plan on an important post (with pictures) that evening!

I saw the midwife on Monday and she says, "I think you have a good one in there!" Growth and heartrate are right on target and everything looks GREAT! I had lost a pound between 8 and 12 weeks and still haven't gained any weight, so now I have permission to eat whatever I want, cuz when I see the Ms. Brown again on May 5th, I have to have some more weight on me. Which may not be so hard now that BABY'S growing so fast! (and it's still 5 weeks away!)

OH! And I have a recording of the BABY'S heartbeat, which I will post as soon as I get it onto my computer! So, check back soon!

Thanks for checking in and here's a side shot of the belly at 16 weeks (a weeks ago)!

Love, Patricia

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