Friday, June 05, 2009

Weekend in PA

We were in PA last weekend.  We camped out at the farm and it was Alistair's first time! He was a little suspicious of the tent the 1st night, but he and I got there after dark, so he wasn't able to get a good look at it.  He did settle in very quickly though and LOVED the tent for the rest of the weekend! I had a hard time getting him out of it on Sunday so I could take it down!!! GEEZ!

Mommy's little farm boy!

Alistair and Pappy's 1931 Dodge

Daddy's truck tire

Oh, My! This photo op was so funny!

Everytime I said, "1,2,3," Alistair would turn his head to the side!
What a stinker butt!

Under the railroad bridge at the farm!

Dumping his bubbles
(Our tent in the background)