Monday, January 29, 2007

I just found these cartoons, thought they were funny and decided to share! ENJOY!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here's the BAY-BAY!!!!

Visited the midwife yesterday and got to see our little one!!!! Baby measured 2.11cm long (about 8/10 of an inch) and we could even see the little arm and leg flippers!!! The heartbeat was STRONG and everything with mom and baby looks good! What a beautiful thing!!
Here's the firt glimpse of Baby Brackbill and a shot of my 8 1/2 week belly!

P.S. The OB Clinic is located on Terrier Avenue!!!!! (HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OB Intake/Orientation

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Went to the Naval Hospital this morning. Had my general orientation to the DoD OB/GYN practice. IT TOOK ALL DAY! I went in not really knowing what I was going to be doing anyway, but after they make you fill out a MILLION forms, make you sit through a 90 minute class AND THEN interview you individually, they make you go to the lab to give blood for your initial labs! I was at the hospital from 10am until 2pm.....WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY! If I had known they were taking blood from me, I would have packed something to eat, but since I didn't, I went hungry almost all day! Not very pleasant when you have an appetite of a newly pregnant woman!

Anyway, the good news is that I DON'T have to drive all the way out to the hospital anymore! They let me sign up for the OB/GYN clinic at NAS Oceana (right by my house)!!!! The BETTER news is I get to see a nurse-midwife, not a doctor!!! I was s o excited to hear that the Military even offers that, but the clinic I will now go to is run completely my nurse-midwives!! ALL WOMEN! So, I am VERY excited about that and now I feel more comfortable!

Well, I go see the midwife for the first time on January 26th. I will be eight weeks along by then and we should be able to hear a heartbeat! YAY!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

The BIG News

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If you are reading this, you already know! We're having a baby! Our little angel is tentatively due September 8, 2007!
We will be keeping this site updated throughout to let everyone know how things are going!
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