Friday, May 22, 2009

Golden-Baita Wedding in Hatteras, NC

We were in Hatteras, NC last weekend for Steve and Megan's wedding! HURRAY! What a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple.  And they couldn't have picked a better spot!  We stayed for 4 days and just relaxed, ejoyed the beach and enjoyed being together.  It was a nice break.  (Even the roadtrip was kinda fun!)
Well, here are almost all the pictures I have.  The camera didn't spend much time at the beach due to my fear of sand in my lense.  In fact, most of the beach pics you'll see here are from Noah's iPhone, taken Friday evening when we went out to the beach for a walk!

Alistair was AWESOME! He traveled well, as usual.  He was a blast jumping on the bed in the hotel.  He screamed, "OCEAN!" Everytime we opened our door.  Our hotel was RIGHT ON THE OCEAN! It was gorgeous.....and extremely relaxing to sleep to the sound of waves!  You will see him pictured several time in his life jacket, not because we don't watch him, are super paranoid or over-bearing, but because he INSISTED on wearing it almost all weekend unless he was in his carseat!  STINKER!!!

He likes watching the ocean, just not going near it

Noah's panoramic shot of the Atlantic, Me, the hotel & THE Alistair
(Isn't the iPhone amazing?!)

Drinking my coffee and didn't see that one coming

"This is you.  This is your badness level.
It's unusually high for someone your size."

So sweet!

Trying to "walk" Daddy to the beach!

Silly Willy stopping to have a snack

When we 1st arrived.
Standing on top of the dune right outside our hotel room.

MMMmmmm.....GOOD food!

Doodlebug out to lunch Saturday

Again, not near the water, just playing in the sand

Alistair playing on the beach.
(That's our hotel room in the background
We could almost walk out and jump directly into the water)

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding!

Enter: The groom!

A quick shot down the aisle and most of the Va Beach crew
(We were all standing on the aisle runner to keep it from blowing away)

Lunch on Sunday
(He loved sitting at this table so he could see the ocean out the window!)

And Curious George was swinging like a real monkey!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't leave the baby powder where curious hands can reach!

My babies!

Thanks for checking in!
Check back next week! ALISTAIR will be on an AWESOME ADVENTURE this weekend!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend in Va Beach