Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting closer

The pregnancy has reached 28 weeks, we are into our 3rd trimester and doing GREAT! I saw dr. Davis last Friday and everything is going wonderfully. I lost 3 pounds, but that's perfectly fine b/c I gained 6 the month before! My BP was a bit high, but not high enough to worry about right now. Anyway, who could blame me for having high BP right now?! We will be visiting every 2 weeks now until 35 weeks, then every week until delivery! What a wake-up call!!!

Work is GREAT! The kids all know what's going on and are super excited, careful with me and LOVE asking about the baby! I LOVE MY Job!!!

The daffodils are blooming!

Blue sand!

Yes, Saturday was THAT warm!
He was out the door before I could even dress him!

Baby Ronan at 27 weeks!

Baby gifts already! Thank you to the Ayers Family! And thank you for the extra gift for Alistair! He was VERY excited!

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