Friday, March 06, 2009

My humble apologies, loyal blog readers

I know it's been too long since I've posted and, for that, I apologize. Thank you for continuing to check back!
Our little monster is keeping us busy everyday! He almost never stops talking (and signing) and he's always on the move.  He is currently obsessed with trains, bikes and "Signing Time" DVDs. He is learning so much, I can't even begin to tell you about it! He has begun stringing 2-4 words together for sentences and he absolutely LOVES to color and do stickers! He loves his friends. Everytime we get in the car he says, "Sadie? Jake?" Monday-Thursday I can say, "You're right! We're going to see Sadie and Jake!" But, on those days when I say, "No, not today, baby," he gets awfully mad at me! Those days make me sad, but also ecstatic because everything is working out so wonderfully at my new job and Alistair genuinely LOVES his friends! They are just WONDERFUL people and we have been VERY blessed to have found them!
As usual, I'm short on time today. Today is going to be an esspecially busy one. So, here's some pictures from the past 2 months. Love to everyone!

Daddy Time!

He loves to "scoop" things!
Here, he is scooping lentils from a dry bowl to a bowl of water!
(Before I got him the lentils, he was scooping dog food into the water dish!)

HURRAY for pee pee on the potty!

I guess "The Wonder Pets" needed to go potty too!


Pasta and Broccoli

He really LOVES his dogs!
(He says both of their names now, too!)