Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alistair's 1st Bike

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A "real" Update

Yes, I understand that I haven't been posting very much lately.  I also understand how some may be disappointed that I post pictures with no stories....and often without captions even! How could I?! Well, I do sincerely apologize for mt shortcomings and offer this post as retribution.

>>Alistair walks, no....RUNS! I don't even know if he remembers how to crawl.  He toddled around that first night, then the day after he didn't walk at all. By the 3rd day, walking was the preferred mode of transportation! Wild kid!

>>He has REALLY started trying to repeat words to us. Here's the rundown of his  current favorites.
   "Boom Boom Bots" = tomatoes  (currently his fave food)
   "Goom-ma" or "goom boom" = gumball   (not real gum, those pine cone-like things)
   "kkkkkkk" = chicken or cracker (whichever one he's pointing at)
   "daw" = dog
   "tisssss" = tortoise
   "Ca" = car   (sorta sounds like a Boston accent)
   and of course, "mama" and "Dada"
So, this may not be all that impressive to you, but Alistair is only 12 months old AND he does sign language! So far, he consistently does the signs for Dada, more, eat, drink, all done, friend, ball, dog, milk, and help.  He also understands many other expressions that he doesn't sign yet. I'd have to say he is an EXCELLENT communicator and hardly ever whines unless he's extremely tired or in pain.  If he doesn't say it or sign it, it's usually pretty easy to figure out what he's pointing and grunting at.

>>He does some silly things like bringing my shoes to me and trying to put them on me to get me to go outside, standing behind either one of us and pushing our legs in the direction he wants us to go, waving at the door when he wants to go outside, picking up dog toys and saying "daw," and pretending to squeeze the baby wash into the tub when he's ready for a bath.

>>He absolutley MUST be outside whenever possible.  The rest of the world stops, he does not feel hunger or thirst, he does not get tired and he does not sit still when he's outside.  He's a regular wilderness man.  You can usually find him walking around outside with some sort of natural object in each hand. (stick, rock, gumball, acorn or leaf)

>>He loves LOVes LOVES all animals.  He can't get enough of animal sounds on toys, baby einstein dvd's or a silly mommy who needs her afternoon coffee. He goes crazy when he sees different animals and has a new obsession with our tortoise, Marlin Crawler.  He screamed and danced when we took him into PetsMart on Sunday! :)
Check out the video below where he's playing with his new "animal sounds telephone."

He's such a smart, silly, fun and wonderful boy! He brightens everyday and is truly a joy.  I am so blessed to have the job I have and be able to be with him all day. I may not take much time off from being Mommy and I'm usually pretty exhausted, but I would never want to miss anything.

I bought this hat for $1.50 and it's reversible...good buy:


Beware of the wild Alistairs:

I love how he tries to put the hat back on:

A bucket full of gumballs and acorns:

Alistair's impression of a horse:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Harnessing wind power on our way back from Steve and Krista's wedding:

Riding in his dumptruck (notice how he cries when Daddy stops):

His doggies crack him up:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I know you're just itching for new pics!

1 year ago right this minute, I was about to get my epidural and settle in for the night!!!

our boy LOVES to show affection:

And he LOVES his new tunnel:

What a ham!

He sure does LOVE his Grandma, too!

Adventures in Lynchburg:

(Exhausting) adventures in Lynchburg:

Alistair and cousin Will have some playtime:

Uncle Steve got married:

1-year-old photo shoot!!!!

He's not sure he wants to smile:

Alistair and his truck had an unfortunate accident:
(The tomato is ok!)

He must be answering the phone:

Finally, a smile:
(now lets go in. The misquitoes are bad out here)

Later this evening:
(He gives kisses)