Thursday, September 04, 2008

I know you're just itching for new pics!

1 year ago right this minute, I was about to get my epidural and settle in for the night!!!

our boy LOVES to show affection:

And he LOVES his new tunnel:

What a ham!

He sure does LOVE his Grandma, too!

Adventures in Lynchburg:

(Exhausting) adventures in Lynchburg:

Alistair and cousin Will have some playtime:

Uncle Steve got married:

1-year-old photo shoot!!!!

He's not sure he wants to smile:

Alistair and his truck had an unfortunate accident:
(The tomato is ok!)

He must be answering the phone:

Finally, a smile:
(now lets go in. The misquitoes are bad out here)

Later this evening:
(He gives kisses)

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