Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, there are so many things that have been packed in my brain that I'm pretty sure, if it were possible, my head would have exploded already! I was going to spare you all the head-spinning (possibly hormone-driven) babbling that I wanted to type, but you're not so lucky this time. For the simple version check out this post.

If you REALLY want to know please allow me to add this: Though I may struggle, I know have nothing to worry about. Every woman about to give birth has anxiety to some extent. We might be in a "special" situation right now, but it's temporary, there WILL be an end and I will apreciate my life more and more everyday. I have a wonderful, loving, supportive husband who listens to me cry over the phone and somehow STILL loves me more everyday! We are so blessed to have a beautiful, loving, (mostly) well-mannered son who makes our world go around. We have a home, a loving family, wonderful friends and awesome neighbors! What else is there?

So, as I sit here, in the first bit of mental/emotional peace I've had in a while, I am reflecting on what is really important. I am counting my blessings. We are 8 weeks away from the birth of our second beautiful, perfect blessing and I am sending up prayers of thanksgiving for all these things I have listed and so many MANY more that I couldn't even begin to type out. I am praying for healing for those who have lost and those who hurt. I am praying for love for those who don't know HIM, babies for people who desperately ache for one and understanding for anyone who has been cast out. Most of all, I am praying for HAPPINESS for all of you. Those who have been through things with me, those who have stayed just a phone call away even if those phone calls are few and far between, even those of you who just read the blog and those of you I have been blessed to meet only recently, . You are all a part of my life in ways you may not even know. I pray that you all experience happiness at its fullest. Not necessarily material wealth or outward joy. But, PEACE. I wish you PEACE.....there is nothing more......

One Day at a Time

Whatever the goal we're pursuing,

No matter how rugged the climb,

We're certain to get there by trying our best

And taking One Day at a Time. 

"Forever" is hard to imagine,

"The future" may seem far away,

But every new dawn brings a wonderful chance

To do what we can on that day.

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