Friday, April 16, 2010

It's been a few weeks

Here's why:
I didn't really get to blog about Easter weekend. I guess I was waiting until I got the pictures uploaded to the computer. I'm pretty sure that my last entry was from my phone. Anyway, Easter was AWESOME! That was the weekend I was on "rest," but I managed to get a few things done and do a little more than watch Noah work in the yard. The weather was PERFECT, the garden was tilled and the rest of the yard is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! Alistair was a blast! He was his normal adorable self while he went on an Easter Egg hunt through our yard and was so excited about the new train and tracks that the Easter Bunny left that he ran into the house to play with them......But without them! It's such a joy watching him grow up and discover things and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing him so happy! It brings me close to tears everyday! He was asking for that train for WEEKS and had even e-mailed the Easter Bunny to ask for it specifically in lieu of candy! How sweet it that?! Well, he's a happy camper and that train is still going EVERYWHERE with us!

The following weekend, we traveled to Surf City, NC for my brother's wedding! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it was AMAZING to spend time with EVERYONE! We were missing 1 bro-in-law, but had My Mom, all 5 kids and all 4 grandbabies in 1 place at 1 time! (Almost an impossible feat!)

Enjoy some pictures! Update on Baby Ronan later:



Billy and Ann Johnston (Connor and Will), Noah and Patricia Brackbill (Alistair), Mark and Alex Centric, Nancy Centric, Steve and Krista Centric (Ellie), Mary Centric Moore.

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