Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm in a Table Cloth Phase

My mind, my heart and my home change with the seasons.

Like many people, when it's 90 degrees out, I can't wait for sweaters and hot cocoa. Then, when we're in the throws of snow, I dream about shorts and sand.

For some, spring is for cleaning.  They open the windows, vacuum the sills (yes, I know someone who does this), dust the knick knacks and deep clean the carpets. In the spring, I plant the garden and let the house go. It becomes a "farm house." The floors barely get swept, let alone mopped, and I tell guests to please leave their shoes ON! (For fear they will stain their socks). The dogs (and children) run wild, there are campfires (even on weeknights), and we stay up late canning pickles!

But, in the fall, as it begins to get cooler, I switch modes. The laundry MUST get done because there's twice as much, the floors get mopped because the dirt is now mud, we pull out hoodies and jeans and even the table dresses up a little bit. As the holidays approach, I attempt to make my decor (or lack thereof) look a bit more "grown-up." So, I de-clutter my counters, light candles and put the table cloth on the table. Part of this "change of seasons" also includes pulling out the stock pot and roasting pan which are stashed away during the warm weather. They become permanent fixtures on the counter and stove ready to roast turkeys and make soup. I begin to cook (and bake) a lot. What else is there to do when you're trapped inside by the cold?

I wouldn't want the table getting cold!

The BEST shortcut apple dumplings EVER!

Swiss Miss was purchased at Costco and the fridge is stocked with
Extra Creamy Redi-Whip!

My well-loved, hand-me-down roasting pan takes its
position on the counter!

The stock pot is ready to boil down some chicken!

My line-up!
(The spices that never get put away)
S&P, of course. (Note: That's kosher salt, the only kind to cook with).
HUNGARIAN Paprika, because, well, I'm Hungarian. Old Bay
because I live in Southern Maryland.
And Nature Seasoning because I AM my father's daughter!


  1. Deanna11:35 AM

    I love this! I'm totally in that mode, too. Gourds decorating the house, candles out, fuzzy blankets on the couch! Love time of year! My tradition that I read about that I'm starting this year (that I know you'll appreciate and you said table cloth and it reminded me): I'm buying a simple cream table cloth and we're all going to write down what we're thankful for (obviously, I'll write what Anya dicates) then put the year underneath. Every year we'll add to it. I thought it'll be great to pull out every thanksgiving and see what we were most thankful for the previous years! I also read about taking a christmas tree skirt and outlining everyone's hands
    and adding to it every year, so every christmas you get to see how your kids have grown. I thought these sounded like fun Brackbill style traditions, too, so i thought I'd send them your way!

  2. The tree skirt idea from Deanna is so cute! Might have to see about doing that with our little girl this year. :)

    I'm also all about the chicken soup this year...made two big pots of completely different chicken soup in the last couple weeks and we have been loving it. Of course our decoration mode has also already switched to Christmas. It's a tad early still but we have to do the outside stuff when we have time (and it's not insanely cold) so we got a jump start this weekend :)

  3. Thanks, Deanna!
    What great ideas! I think I might do them both!

    Tiffany-I'm sure our tree will be up next weekend! Have fun!

  4. It makes me feel good to see pieces of me in your you all!

  5. Of course! My domestic inspiration! (and supplier of quality kitchen goods)
    I even wear your apron! Wait till I do a post on my PC oil sprayer!
    I even took after you and took my pie plate out of the box and use it for serving!
    They are all well-loved!


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