Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The "A-word"

I started writing this post several months ago, but never published it because I was very upset at the time and just didn't want to post anything when I was that emotional.

There are several mean-spirited, mis-worded and just plain dumb things that people say to you when you're pregnant (or any time along the journey of parenthood, for that matter) that just make you want to punch them in the face. Among them is one that has come up a lot over the past year and no matter how it's said, it's still the same and it still hurts. The word "accident" had come up in conversation with friends a few times while I was pregnant and I have had to put my foot down and say that I don't like that kind of language when referring to a baby!

We may not have "planned" Ronan, but GOD did and He does NOT make mistakes. HE does not make "accidents!" I am GRATEFUL beyond words every single day for this new little life he has given us! I am truly honored that He would find us worthy to bring up a child for Him. Ronan was greatly loved from the moment we saw 2 lines on the stick. Ronan is a blessing in it's purest form. EVERY BABY IS! From the moment of conception, it is a life that God created. Period.

So, when someone announces a pregnancy, don't ask them if it was "planned." Don't ask them if it is "wanted." Withhold your curiosity (and your tongue), be happy for them and don't say anything stupid. You may think it's just a harmless question, but questioning the "validity" of someone's child is HURTFUL. EVERYTIME!

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