Friday, May 28, 2010

Pure Sweetness

A few weeks ago, on a Friday, I was out with Alistair and he looked at me, totally seriously and said, "I'm the only baby today! This is fun, Mommy!" It was obvious to me then that this time together REALLY is special to him because he "shares" me with Jake and Sadie Monday-Thursday. Within the next few weeks, he'll have a little brother to "share" with, so I have been (probably more than I should) trying to make our Fridays all about him. He notices!

In the car Wednesday evening, completely out of the blue, Alistair asked me if he could have a marshmallow when we got home. Dry. A "dry" marshmallow. I'm assuming that meant plain as opposed to on a s'more, so I said, "sure. After dinner." This is the response I got:
"You're the best Mommy ever! I will never leave you!"
I was moved to tears by this! Oh, if only life stayed that simple!

To top off that story, Thursday afternoon we were walking up the driveway at work on our way to the car when he grabbed my hand and said, "Don't ever leave me, Mommy."
Tears again. Where is all this coming from? I don't know, but I'm soaking it in while my boy is still young enough to want to be with his Mommy!

Cowboy Alistair and his trusty "horse!"

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