Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some Random Pictures

1st of all I MUST give a HUGE shoutout to my Grandpap and Granma Miller who recently celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary! WOW! 60 years of marriage, 11 children, 31 grandchildren, and 35 great-grandchildren and they still got it! (i may be a little off on the great-grandchildren)
CONGRATULATIONS Grandpap and Grandma!

Grandpap and Grandma at their 60th anniversary party:

I just came across an e-mail from my mom with about 100 pictures attached from our trip to Ohio in May. I can't believe how small he looks! ENJOY!

He LOVES Aunt Connie:

Standing up for Aunt Krista and Landon:

Reading the paper with his Great Aunt Irene:

Loving on his Great Grandma Centric:

Doing the Hokie Pokie with Elmo:

Petting Millie:

Showing off his pearly whites with his Grandma Centric:

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