Sunday, July 06, 2008

Big BIG weekend!

It all started with a good bath:

A crawl around the driveway:

Aunt Jen stopped by:

Alistair had many adventures with his Gnu Gnu:

Frank brushed up against some drywall dust:

He didn't want to sleep:

He wanted to help in the living room:

Another adventure in the driveway:

Daddy let him sit on the dinner table:

And beat on the pizza boxes:

Progress in the livng room:

Mommy pulling up staples from the old carpet padding:

Walls are patched and sanded and masking tape it up!

The subfloor is wet with pet odor treatment and Frank thinks something is in the wall:

The primer is up! (No, that's not the final blue color, it's a pigmented primer)

Noah painting the ceiling:

It was a big weekend for everyone. Gnu Gnu came and played with the little monster while Noah and I worked on the house. It was amazing! I can't believe how much we accomplished! THANK YOU, GNU GNU!

The flooring has been purchased and the walls are ready for the final color! We are almost done!!!

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