Saturday, July 26, 2008

Updates Galore!

Here's a whole bunch of exciting news!

-Noah got a promotion! HURRAY! With less than 4 months in at the company he has already shown them just how valuable he is! I am so proud of him!

-Alistair took his 1st STEP! Ya, well, maybe it was only 1 step, but it's exciting nonetheless.

-No more baby food......EVER! He eats anything and EVERYTHING! In fact, he had his first Japanese meal Saturday night! While Daddy had sushi, Alistair and I shared Edamame (soy beans), Hibachi Chicken and stirfry veggies! Now, if only we could potty train! hmmmmm....

-THE LIVING ROOM IS DONE!!! (Well, almost. We still have to do the molding)

Keeping Alistair occupied so Daddy could work on the floor:

The hall was done and it became Alistair's runway:

Or should we say "crawlway"

Over half way there and we just HAD to move the TV in:


And so excited he could beat a dog (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Saturday morning and there was only 1 very complicated strip of floor to lay:

Saturday Morning cartoons with my bubs (check out his shirt, Jan):

We wired up the stereo speakers and moved the couch in Saturday night!

Alistair LOVES BLTs (with tomatoes from OUR garden!)

It was such a big weekend, Alistair and I slept in a little on Monday:

Eating breakfast AT the highchair, not IN it:

Watching "Baby Einstein: Baby Noah" DVD with "Bob," his Bar-Ba-Loot (without whom Alsitair wouldn't even leave his crib in the mornings):

He likes to sit IN things. This one happens to be the bed of his dump truck:


  1. Awesome! I know it has to feel good to have that living room livable again. And Alistair takes a step! He will be running before long.

    gnu gnu

  2. YAAYYY!!! That's my boy! haha. Living room looks awesome! So proud of you guys! haha. Man, Alistair looks so tall. Love the Marlin shirt! I'm so glad you guys have a blog. :)



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