Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patricia's thought of the day (I'm feeling very reflective)

Lessons that came to mind this week:
1- My daddy taught me how to patch drywall...
2- ..and how to properly swear at it when it doesn't turn out.
3- My mother taught me patience....
4-...and manners....
5- ....and to take one day at a time.

Whatever the goal we're pursuing,
No matter how rugged the climb,
We're certain to get there by trying our best
And taking One Day at a Time. 

"Forever" is hard to imagine,
"The future" may seem far away,
But every new dawn brings a wonderful chance
To do what we can on that day.

I have been VERY distraught over this whole mess in the living room, but, keeping in mind lessons 3-5, I have decided not to be. I have decided to be happy that something pushed us into it because we may not have done it and it's going to be amazing when it's done! I have decided to look forward to the night I'm sitting on my couch looking around and saying, "Wow! We did an AWESOME job in here!" I have decided not to be angry at the previous owner, her cats, the realtor that told us she didn't think she smelled cat pee OR myself for going to bed that night without checking on the washer. I'm just going to be proud that we took what happened, and although it sucked for a few weeks, we made it through yet another trial and came out victorious with a BEAUTIFUL living room which we can be proud we did OURSELVES!

Alistair has been a good sport, as always. He has to spend a lot of time in his room, in the jumperoo or highchair when the baracades are taken down from the living room, but he doesn't mind. Every minute is an adventure for him no matter where he is!

Noah had to perform wall surgery....

Because of this:

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  1. Definitely stay positive!! You're absolutely right-you will love your home more because of the work you and Noah put into it. As many times as I was ready to head for the hills with all the work we had to put into this place, I look at it now and am so sad to be leaving it. We sat on the floor eating KFC right after we bought it, discussing how to make it into our dream home...We redid the floors ourselves....we painted every wall, ceiling, and cabinet...and Anya's nursery (as you know!) was my project to get me through that first deployment. You're going to love your home when you're done! Sorry I haven't returned your call yet! Our house goes up for rent this week so I've been frantically cleaning and organizing before our agent comes over, plus I picked up a couple of days watching Lucy. I haven't forgotten! I have a class on moving for 3 hours tomorrow and have to deal with Penske about moving. So probably Tues. or Wed. Miss you guys!


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