Thursday, June 05, 2008

Keeping up with the Wee Man

Oh my! THIS CHILD! He NEVER EVER stops! He has absolutley no desire to sleep these days. He's been up 3 or 4 times a night, then waking up at 5 or 6am and staying up for the day. His 60-90 minute naps twice a day have turned into 30 minutes. NOONE in this house has been sleeping! But, even without much sleep, he has accomplished some new things! He is not only pulling himself up on furtniture, but he's walking while hold on AND switching from one piece of furniture to another. He's getting braver by the day. He is learning what "no" means and sometimes decides to listen. Other times, he just shakes his head, "No," back at us and continues what he's doing.

He has also started eating foods from the table on a more regular basis. I gave him french fries at TGI Friday's a few weeks ago and he LOVED them. So we've been kind of dabbling with it until last weekend. We shopped until late Sunday evening and, even though we hadn't planned on it, we ate out. I had not packed any baby food for Alistair so, I ordered chicken tenders and sweet potatoe fries and shared them with him. He did so well! He had spaghetti that I put through the food mill one night, and breaded chicken with "real" green beans another night. That last one wasn't too successful, it was too late and he was tired.

Other skills that he is perfecting are dancing and operating the stereo equipment. Prior to this video being shot, he had decided he did not want to watch "Handy Manny," he wanted to listen to AC/DC! So, he proceeded to turn the stereo from TV to CD and press "play." He was so happy about what he had done, that he danced along with the music and yelled at it! Which is no surprise, the kid has always had perfect rythym, it's just hilarious that he does not need prompted, he does these things on his own! Well, enjoy Alistair's version of "Stiff Upper Lip" and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! We're busy this weekend, so we'll blog lots on Monday!


  1. That's really ironic that you mentioned the french fries. Last night I was over at my best friends house and her daughter is almost 10 months old now. I had Natalie sitting on my lap and I was eating fries so I gave her a nibble of one and she kept reaching for them so I gave her a little mroe and then stopped so I could talk to Christina. Well, to my surprise, my thumb was being chewed on!!! She wanted more fries and since I'd been feeding her with that hand she decided to eat it! haha

  2. OMG!!! He is getting sooooo big! I loved the video! I am sitting in the library crying my eyes out because I read your 6 months in review. People are staring at me and I just say that I forgot my allergy medicine! I miss the heck out of both of you! I will have to get faster internet (Verizon says within the next 3 YEARS for Rebersburg - so I have that to look forward to!!!)so I can send pics of my huge family. Nathan has still not said Patricia for the recorder! His new love is Margie - who will be leaving soon after he transistions. Can you believe that will happen in about 2 weeks! Anyway, got to run, the allergy story isn't holding water any more.

  3. wish you guys were still here. Alistar and Seven would get along great. she does the same thing. she is so smart and the things she does on her own are just amazing. and i know you know what i am talking about. miss you guys.


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