Friday, June 20, 2008

Mommy's new job, Alistair's new friend!

Some friends had us over for a Father's Day cook-out on Sunday. We had a really nice time and Alistair made friends with their son, Akiro, who is 14-months-old!

I started my new job on Monday, which I guess I forgot to mention in previous posts. I got a job as a full-time nanny for a 4-month-old little boy named Theodore. Alistair goes to work with me, so I still get to be full-time Mommy too! It was a big week with a lot of changes and some adjustments for everyone, but it went well. Alistair LOVES Theodore and Theodore is constantly entertained by Alistair! It's actually a lot of fun!

Akiro shared his car with Alsitair:

Alistair likes to give Theodore rides in his activity center:

Theodore enjoys sharing his toys with Alistair:


  1. He's getting so big!
    I'm so sad you couldn't make it this weekend. I was really looking forward t oseeing you and the boys. You missed some GREAT food too! lol There's always next time though. Enjoy the new job!

  2. he is too cute and getting so big. Seven has that same car in pink and she loves it. better than the stroller and wagon. miss you guys


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