Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Gifts!

The shower continues....
Here are some pictures of Noah opening gifts from The Brummer Family. The football, which Frank wants REALLY bad, and the bathtime froggy toys. Thank you, Ella, you did so good! (Give her a hug for me, Megs!)

Aunt Connie and Uncle Mike sent Scrapbooking supplies and a scrapbook, too! I think I have enough to get the whole first year done! And I've started the pages with his ultrasound pictures already! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

The sleepers that Frank is posing with are from The Esh Family of the Eastern Shore! Thank you so so so much! (We needed those bigger sizes!)

We also recieved cards and monetary gifts from Grammie Esh, Uncle Tom and Aunt Peg (yes, you're gonna be GREAT Aunt and Uncle), and Uncle Dick and Aunt B! Thank you so VERY much!

You are all so thoughtful! Thank you for EVERYTHING! This has turned out to be a WONDERFUL WEEK!

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