Friday, July 27, 2007

More Boxes and Cards!

Thank you, Dysingers, for the towel set, sleepers and rattle! The wrapping was BEAUTIFUL, too!

Doug and Shirley Drewes, thank you soooo much for the toy set, bassinet sheet, "keep me dry" matress pads and a spare Boppy cover! We appreciate it and we miss you guys!

Thank you, Jason and Linda Drewes, for the Elmo's World DVD about PETS! That's an important one! We can't wait to bring Alistair to see you so we can meet Alex too!

Also, THANK YOU, Aunt Dorothy and Uncle John for washclothes, receiving blankets, Tigger outfit, carseat toy and sleepers! A lot of things we REALLY needed! We didn't have any receiving blankets yet and I was able to teach Noah how to swaddle! CONGRATULATIONS on your 3 BRAND NEW GRANDSONS!!!!!

I bought the sleep positioner (Gaby is pictured in) and a package of cloth diapers with giftcards from "Mumma" Centric and Aunt Irene!

OH! I got pictures from my mom that were taken when we were in Ohio in May! Thank you, Steve and Krista, for the adorable clothes and baby monitor!

LOTS of thanks to everyone who has sent cards, giftcards, and monetary gifts! Aunt Pat and Uncle Don, Aunt Bernette, The Bombergers, The Buchers, and The Kennedys (LOVED your note, Pam, Thanks)! Thank you all so much! This little one is going to have a WONDERFUL start in life!

ONE MORE THING: SPECIAL thanks to Gnu-Gnu (Noah's mom, Gail), who sent me the La Leache League book on breastfeeding and for being so supportive about my choice to breastfeed my boy! You're the greatest! And of course, I must thank my mom again and again for being on the other end of the phone about 7 nights a week when I have questions or need reassurance! Thanks to the two of you, the next 5 weeks will be bearable and the next 18 YEARS will be a FANTASTIC adventure!

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