Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby Shower!

We passed the 33 week mark yesterday and the shower has begun! Thank you so so so so so much to Aunt Connie for putting the whole AWESOME idea together for us! Most of you know how hard it is for Noah to get time off work and We REALLY appreciate your participation in the very NEW concept! Weren't the invitations BEAUTIFUL?! How many of you had a confetti mess on your floor when you opened it?! HEHEHEHEHE!! It was just like a "real" party!

And it is a REAL party in our house these days! Jennifer has become our "resident photographer." Thank Jennifer for all the new pics you're getting of us! ;) Shower gifts have started to arrive and we have been having SO MUCH FUN!!! We just can't wait until we have a human baby to use the things, not just fur-babies! ;)

Thank you's to the WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL Mildrew family for the ever-indispensible high chair! I love you and I've missed you!

Thanks, Mom, for, well, EVERYTHING, including the playpen/bassinet that Alistair will pretty much live in for the first few months!

And even more thanks to Aunt Connie and Uncle Mike for purchasing the Baby Bjorn Carrier! (Noah is esspecially psyched about this one!)

I forgot to take pictures, but Matt Vincent and Brittani Martindale (Who will be MR. & MRS. Vincent Aug. 4!) bought us 2 packs of boy onesies! Thank you for getting different sizes and I'm sorry about the problems at Wal-Mart.

Stay tuned, there will be MUCH more blogging as more stuff arrives and we visit the midwife on Tuesday!

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  1. Hey Mommy Brackbill,

    We missed you and will miss you greatly. We love you too. Your baby is a lucky one. It has been so much fun to get to know you, as you are so amazed by the amazingly little things. Children are beautiful and amazing.

    If your delivery falls on an every other Sunday, will you postpone delivery so we can go to yoga?

    Hee hee


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