Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Gift from My Husband!

Yep! Even Noah got in on the gift giving fun this week! :)
He got me a digital camera! We've been talking about it for months and figured we'd get around to it sometime before the little punk is born so we would have nice pictures to share, but I kept putting it off. Noah wouldn't let me anymore, and came home today with a new Canon Powershot, which also takes video clips! All of the pictures from the previous blog (and every blog from here on) on were (are going to be) taken with my new camera!

P.S. Hey, Mommy, it takes AA batteries!!!!!!!

Here's a silly video clip I took when I was playing with my new toy! (If you can't view it here, just click on the place where it should be and you'll be redirected to photobucket viewer)

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