Saturday, August 28, 2010


.....your baby asks you for one more kiss, never say no!

When he asks you play, put down the dish rag and play!

When he asks for cookies, bake 'em!

When he wants to help, let him!

When he needs you, run to him!

When he's sleepy, cuddle!

My baby boy is getting so big! These days will be over before I know it.
I intend to ENJOY!

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  1. Deanna E.4:18 PM

    Agreed!! Anya has taken to coming into our bed a few nights a week. Everyone keeps telling me to march her back to her bed. But, she climbs in, holds my face, and says "I love you a billion, Mama." She's not going to be doing that forever and I'm going to enjoy it while I can! Have you seen the poem "songs for a fifth child?" It says it perfectly! LOVE the new blog, Patricia!

  2. Lexi Sandven12:50 AM

    This is amazing! I love it.


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