Saturday, August 21, 2010

The New Adventures of this Modern Mama: Part Two

To cloth or not to cloth? That is my GINORMOUS question!

As I was pondering, "what do we spend the most money on and what can we cut back," the thought occurred to me: DIAPERS! Diapers are a major expense of having children. Sure, month to month you have to fit it in the budget, but have you ever looked at the big picture? I mean, add it up.
One value box of diapers costs about $40. It's lasts about a month.
One value box of wipes cost $12. This also lasts about a month.
An average of $52/month for disposable diapers. Let's say you potty train at 3-years-old.
52x12x3=$1872 spent on diapering.
Now, consider this being your second child and the older one still wears pull-ups at night for the first year. Add $20 more per month. Times 12 months=$240. Added to our previous figure: $2112 in the trash!
Sure, it's spent over the course of three years, so it may not seem very bad at the time but think of the things you could buy for your family with that $2000!

Sounds convincing so far, Patricia, but how do those numbers compare to the cost of cloth diapering? I'm glad you asked!
If Ronan soils an average of 12 diapers a day, I wash diapers every 3 days and assuming I alternate between 2 covers per day: 3 dozen cloth diapers and 6 covers= approximately $125! BIG DIFFERENCE, huh?!

Now, that's just the monetary benefits. I haven't even mentioned the fact that cloth diaper don't contain ANY of the chemicals present in disposables OR that our household waste would be cut in HALF!

Send me your thoughts!

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  1. Lexi Sandven12:49 AM

    Definitely cloth!! LOVE it!!


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