Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Capture-Doorways

*Note: This is NOT a very creative post.

When I first saw the topic for this week's You Capture, I immediately thought of Herman Melville's quote, “The eyes are the gateway to the soul.” I knew I wanted to get some shots of my boys because they seriously have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES! They captivate me!
Take this picture of Alistair at 10 months:

Gorgeous eyes, right?! 2 1/2 years later one glance can still make his Mommy melt!

Well, I decided that the eyes topic was just a little too obvious and began to think about doorways, literally. I didn't want to submit just any doorways. I wanted to post something about doorways that I actually had feelings about. So here are those doorways:

My back door!
I LOATHE these curtains that were left by the previous owner and I'm not really sure why I haven't replaced them yet. But, now that I have a sewing machine, I will MAKE some!

The only thing worse about this door is the color of the outside!
Pink/peach/salmon? Our siding is beige, our shutters are dark green. This door sticks out like a sore thumb!

Okay, the back door is bad. But, what about the front? Well, this is what you see as soon as you walk through the front doorway:

Another door...or lack thereof! The hinges broke on the closet door and Noah finally got so frustrated with fixing them, he broke the door!!! (Still makes me laugh)

Now, for a doorway I like! The boy's room! Not only did Alistair pick the color that I painted the walls, but I FINALLY got their names hung up this morning (after a year on the "in-progress" list) AND I just love how it looks as you look out at the blue walls in the hallway! I honestly, stand in the hallway a lot and look through the different doors and admire the colors we have chosen to use in our house!

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  1. They have the best room! I LOVE it! I never understood the way people pant their door a different color than their shutters. I think it is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing : )

    Your son does have wonderful eyes. Melt worthy : )


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