Thursday, January 06, 2011

Top 10 (15) of 2010

The You Capture assignment this week is "Top 10 of 2010."
I was having a hard time, so I picked 15!

Hey, it was a BIG year!

All pictures were taken with my Canon PowerShot A640 point-and-shoot unless noted.
Also, none of these pictures were edited (beyond cropping) except the one I "adjusted" in iPhoto.

(In order ONLY by the date they were taken)

I had to dig the sand table out of 2 feet of snow
to get enough sand to put on the icy steps.

Alistair did an AWESOME job eating Thai food with chopsticks!

He was already such a good big brother!
*Photo taken by Krista Centric
w/ Noah's 35mm Rebel

9 (what would turn out to be 7) weeks from our
Family of 4!
*Photo taken by Krista Centric
w/ Noah's 35mm Rebel

I just LOVE this!
Shot on an old 35mm Canon Rebel, no editing, just skill!
*Taken by Noah Brackbill

Playgroup at the park turned into Jake, Sadie and Alistair in the water!
It was fine with me! Let 'em be kids!
(I used this pic for Noah's Father's Day gift)

 I snapped this with my iPhone 3g right after Ronan was born.
I just love the proud look on Noah's face!

 And I love Love LOVE how perfect my hair looks even
after being in a hospital bed for almost 24 hours!!!
(This was taken in L&D less than an hour after Ronan's birth.
My left leg was still numb and Alistair was sitting on it.)

Snapped this one with the iPhone, too!
I just LOVE the "evidence" of summer fun on Alistair's face!

Playing in the sprinkler at Uncle Steve and Aunt Krista's house!

Qualifies as one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES!
Early morning snuggles!!!
Even got a smirk from the 3 month-old

This picture is cute, but it's even cuter with Alistair's quote:
"It's ok, Ronan. The doctor takes care of little kids, not peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!"

These three will ALWAYS be my "babies!"

Just walking around the yard with Mommy!
 *Color adjusted in iPhoto

Story time with Grandma!



  1. First of all, your family is beautiful! Second, I love the pregnant belly shots. Third, we *almost* named our third Ronan, only spelled: Ronyn! We were thisclose. I adore that name! Instead he's Jonyn (JOEnin)!!

  2. Oh dear, these are all so cute! i miss that baby stage!

  3. what a special year. Love your baby bump - you were adorable! My little guy will become a big brother this year. I can't wait to see that happen, and share the pictures of course :)

  4. Yay for early morning snuggles!

  5. What an awesome year you had! Your boys are adorable! :)

  6. Adorable. You look so cute. Motherhood suits you.


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