Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a week!

Noah called last Friday night to tell me that he had to work Saturday afternoon and wouldn't be able to come home for the weekend. So, when a friend of mine (whom I haven't seen in 3 years) offered us a place to stay, I packed up the kids and headed to VA! It was a wild and crazy weekend and I SO enjoyed catching up with the WONDERFUL Eichenlaub family! THANK YOU, DEANNA AND MARK!

While we were there, we managed to have brunch at the oceanfront with Aunt Megan, Uncle Skinny and Aunt Jen! After a DELICIOUS meal, we went out to the beach where Aunt Jen got some nice shots of us! THANK YOU, JENNIFER!!!!!
(those photos will get their own post!)

From the oceanfront, we returned to The Eichenlaub's house for a cookie decorating party! FUN FUN FUN!!!! It was so nice to be together with these folks! Anya and Alistair played so well together and were both very sad when we had to leave. (These two were born 6 weeks apart and last saw each other in November 2007!) 

I was kind of bad about taking pictures while we were there, but I got a few.

Anya and Alistair are ready to bake cookies!


Ronan and Aunt Jen

Monday night I worked late then grocery shopped on the way home, so it was dinner and bed as soon as we got home.
Tuesday night we went to the "Holiday Surprise" Storytime at the library and Alistair saw Santa! 
"Mommy, take a picture of me upside-down."

Merry Christmas!!

Snuggly baby sat through it all!

Alistair was 1st in line for Santa!

"I want Woody and Jessie and the Buzz Lightyear with wings!"

Wednesday night I had to stop at the store again after work.

Thursday morning we got a snow storm, so all of SoMd was shut down and by that night I was ready to just come straight home and not move!

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