Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving at my mom's house in NE Ohio. The trip there was pretty good, actually. We made it around the beltway in only 30 minutes and made it to her driveway in 7 hours (with 1 stop). Well, we were traveling at night, so it helped that the kids slept most of the way.  The trip back was during the day Saturday and was not as took 12 hours to get home.

But, we had a WONDERFUL time seeing (almost) everyone and leaving was VERY emotional for still is. (More on my emotional state in my next post). It was nice to be home Saturday night and have all day Sunday at home with Noah before  he had to leave again. For that, I am SO GRATEFUL.

I hope you all had a beautiful, wonderful, love-filled Thanksgiving! We sure did!

Happy Thanksgiving
Even "Guy" made it into the picture

The Boys
(minus Ronan)

My best friend, Krista, holding Ronan and Me holding her baby, Carter!

Alistair with Carter and Landon, Krista's oldest, with Ronan

Storytime with Grandma!!!

Me and my sister, Ann

Pass the babies.......READY.......GO!
Daddy with Ronan

Mommy and Ronan (and coffee)

Mimi and Ronan

Grandma and Ronan

Great-Grandpap with Ronan

Great Uncle Curt with Ronan

Ronan and Uncle Mark

Me with Mark's daughter, Lilly

Great Grandma and Great Aunt Lynda with Lilly

Great-Grandpap and Lilly

Aunt Ann and Lilly

Great-Grandma and Lilly

Grandma and Lilly

Uncle Billy and Lilly

Ronan LOVES his MIMI blanket!!!!

Since Ronan started taking some foods while we were gone, I started making baby food for him and stocking the freezer as soon as we got back!

Avacado, Banana and applesauce

Home made brown rice cereal

'nana-'cado baby food with rice cereal!
Ronan is in LOVE!

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  1. Deanna8:39 PM

    I love all the pics! The first one with the whole big fam is awesome! I CANNOT believe all the babies that your family has been blessed with in just the, what, 4 or 5 years I've known you!? Beautiful! Do I exclamation point enough!? I think not! :). BTW the cereal looks yummy!


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