Friday, October 01, 2010

Together....That's How it *Should Be

Because everytime we hear "Stuck Like Glue" By Sugarland,
Alistair says, "Mommy, we're stuck like glue" because we are!

Because I choose to wear my baby, keep him close, nurture him and
give him every opportunity for discovery and LOVE.

Because Alistair has a thing about lining things up.

Alistair and "B."
Because he sees Mommy do it all the time.

*Because he only gets 2 days a week with Daddy.

Ok, I cheated a little bit. That second picture was not taken specifically for the YouCapture assignment. I had Noah take it for a post I'm drafting on my journey to babywearing, but, as the photo was taken, I was actually thinking about the word "togetherness." Crazy, huh?

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*Daddy works out-of-town M-F every week. We miss him A LOT!

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  1. It's so wonderful that your son has picked up on baby wearing! Such sweet photos.


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