Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quality Time

There are a lot of things that I have seen differently since Noah started working out of town. One of those things is time. When we don't get quantity, I demand QUALITY! I'm not talking about running all over the place spending money on fairs and festivals, I mean "real" family time. All that seemingly mundane stuff that I took for granted before. Seeing my husband holding our little baby or rolling around in the grass with the big boy tickling and laughing, coming home on a weeknight to find dinner almost ready. (REAL dinner, not toddler food!) These are things I would expect out of my day-to-day and I don't get them. So, when I do, I bask in the light of their smiles while my eyes fill up with tears hoping and praying that SOMETHING will happen soon and that this will all be just normal stuff again.

Here's to normal, unposed, unscheduled, unscripted, QUALITY time!

(photo credit: Garth Brackbill)

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