Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Weekend

After work on Friday, Alistair had a night out with Mommy.  We had dinner at iHop and shopped at Wal-Mart.  Saturday morning Aunt Elizabeth came.  She played with him while I got my haircut, then we did a little shopping, picked up some lunch and headed home for Alistair's naptime.  When he woke up, we played around the house and Alistair rode his bike a little.  Later, we drove out to Tyson's Corner to hit the mall and have some dinner.

Sitting like a big boy at dinner with Aunt Elizabeth:

Sunday was also busy.  When we got ready to go, we went to Target before church, then had egs and bagels at Einstein Bros afterwards.  We came home for naptime, played in the yard some more.  Then, after we took the trash to the transfer station, we stopped at the playground for even more outdoor play!

Posing with his pumpkins before we left for church:

We got REALLY silly at Einstein bros:

He got a little couch with a birthday giftcard:
(He really loves to have an "Alistair-size" spot to sit with his books)

He was so proud when he figured out that the couch unfolds:

No more highchair!!!
(the biggie boy now eats up at the table with a booster seat)

Trying to drive away while Mommy was washing windows:

1st time in the sand:
(this playground is behind the elementary school where Alistair will go to school eventually.  That made me a little emotional to think about, but, hey, he has about 4 more years until kindergarten)

Discovering that sand doesn't taste very good:

He let the dogs go potty, so he got to give them treats!
One for Frank:

One for Ralphy:

Pointing at the treat jar b/c he wants to give them more:
(His hair is wet b/c he got sprayed when helping Mommy water the garden)

Bedtime snack of yogurt and cheerios:

So......sleepy..........NUH NIGHT!

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