Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We stayed home last weekend and enjoyed being together....FINALLY! We got a lot of work done around the yard There's a lot of landscaping and it seemed like the lady that lived here before never raked a leaf in her life! We spent the whole weekend cleaning out the beds and there's still one bed I haven't even touched yet! YIKES! But, it's cleaning up nicely. Noah trimmed some trees, cut out some dead stuff and mowed the lawn. I trimmed hedges and tore out some overgrowth.
Alistair was AWESOME! We finally broke down and bought a backpack for him and he hung out with me when he wasn't eating or sleeping. He loves that thing! I think he would stay in it all day if I let him. He has always liked being a part of the action.

Daddy got home from work and the weekend began:

We even planted a garden!

Alistair helped rake out flower beds:

He loved being in on the action all weekend long!

He likes to get comfortable at the table:

I left the childlock off of this cupboard:

Now it's Alistair's fort:

Juice in my right hand, cookie in my left:

Alistair's 1st (golden) Oreo (he's still a litte young for chocolate)


  1. MeganG3:09 PM

    I cant believe how long your hair is! Miss you guys!

  2. Yay! I love pictures! The backpack is awesome! haha


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