Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6 months in review!

We are in Maryland now and we have cable internet! (BUH BYE, DIAL-UP!!!!!!)
So, after 6 months of starving for speed and leaving everyone in the dark, here's what you've missed:

I met my cousins, Luke and Nathan:

3 generations of Brackbill men:

I had a Happy Christmas:

Aunt Casey sent me a box of goodies, including my gorilla hat:

Pappy bought my jumperoo:

We had Christmas at Grandma Centric's house:

And New Year's at Gnu-Gnu and Grandude's:

I had my first food:

And enjoyed the great outdoors:

I had to have treatments for a respiratory infection:

Aunt Connie and Uncle Mike came for Mommy's birthday:

My hair started to come in on top:

I visited lots with my Great-Grammie Brackbill:

And we had LOTS of snow:

I started cruisin' in my walker:

Holding my own bottle:

And petting my dogs:

I met cousin Will:

I never let Mommy and Daddy eat a warm meal:

Pappy visited me a lot:

I say, "DA DA"

I got a new crib:

Grandma Centric came for Easter:

So did Gnu-Gnu! (I love my Peeps easter basket):

I hold my own cup:

I feed myself:

And I ride Horses:

Sunglasses make me smile:

So do cameras:

I visited my Great-Grammie Esh:

I play BEAUTIFUL music:

I went on outdoor hikes:

Met crazy animals:

And met crazy cousins (Jamie's my favorite):

I sit up in the bathtub:

I crawl through tunnels:

And I LOVE my new house:

I'm ready for summer:

Happy Mother's Day, Gnu-Gnu!

Fake cats make me crack up:

So do real ones:

and cameras:

Our first Mother's Day! I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!

Happy Mother's Day, Great-Grammie Brackbill:

I can climb up my Daddy! (I'm not afraid of heights):

Did I mention I love cameras?

And messes?

And Uncle Steve?

Uncle Steve helped us move:

I want to pull out his facial hair:

Sunglasses still make me smile!


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    This is so cute!!! I'm so happy for you guys! You call us when you're in VB! We'd love to meet up sometime. We're getting re stationed down in Kingsbay, GA but plan on living in Fernandina Beach, FL. So after the fall if you want to visit Disney world you can stay with us! Talk to you soon! ~Colberts

  2. Wow,
    You've been busy!
    Janet, Don and Amy

    Patricia, I need to learn some blogging skills from you!!!

  3. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I LOVE IT!! I don't know where to begin! The monkey hat, the sunglasses, with the dogs, on the horse, all of the photos are so, so cute!

    Congrats to Noah on the new job and Patricia, your hair is getting so long! Oh, and the house looks beautiful, too!

    Love, Deanna


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