Sunday, November 25, 2007

On with a New Chapter!

Well, here we are! We move tomorrow! We will be in PA by tomorrow night and moving into our new place on Tuesday! So far everything is going well, we're finishing the packing today and there really isn't much more to do. Alistair has been an angel! He loves to play by himself and look out the window, so he has allowed Mommy to get a lot done the past few days.

I will be off the air for a few days, so here's some Alistair to hold you over until I can blog again!

Alistair always seems to be naked before Gnu Gnu gets him:

He's really gonna miss Aunt Jen:

This is what happened after Thanksgiving dinner:

Visiting Anne and Kelly one more time:

Alistair LOVES camping out (our beds were packed up):

Ralphy's ready to go...Hey, Ralphy, Alistair is going to need that!

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