Monday, June 11, 2007

Behind on my blog

Hey, Everyone! Sorry that I'm so far behind, but A LOT has been happening over the past few weeks. One of those things is that I busted my computer, so I am on Noah's to post this blog, but can only get pictures up once I get mine up and running.

We went to Ohio for (my baby brother) Mark's graduation May 24th. He looked handsome and I am so proud of him. We stayed in town for his party Saturday, which was AWESOME! It was so great to see some people that I haven't seen in ages. Sunday was the Miller family reunion/Grandpap's 80th birthday. "Party" is an understatement! IT WAS SO GREAT! And my family is HUGE! After the reunion, we went to PA and got Jennifer (Noah's sister) and brought her home with us to find a job. She has been here (helping to keep me sane) for 2 weeks.

So, through all of the traveling and stress Alistair and I are doing fine. His movements have been so strong lately that he can wake me up in the middle of the night! He is DEFINATELY growing, the belly is getting BIG! He likes to ocassionally ball up REAL tight on my right side and it makes me uncomfortable! I can feel his fingers (and knees) in my ribs when he turns. Although, I LOVE to feel him move, kneeing me in the ribs is going to get old fast! I am no longer working (that was it's own drama/stress episode), so I have had the past several day to relax and de-stress. Alistair, Ralphy and Frank are all VERY HAPPY that I have slowed down!

We see the midwife next Monday. I will have my glucose test at that appointment and hopefully my computer will be fixed so I can post some better stuff.

Thanks for reading!!!

The only picture on this computer is from the family reunion, which is my Mom's side, by the way.

(Front row L-R: Grandma, Grandpap and Uncle George)
(Back row L-R (from youngest to oldest) Lynda, Cathryn, Dwight, Alice, Dorothy, Nancy (mommy), Connie (godmother), Norman, Pat and Ray)

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