Sunday, May 20, 2007


Friday, May 11th was my college graduation! HURRAY!!! Noah was able to switch shifts with someone and be there, which meant a lot to me. (I cried). I was really happy that I finally acomplished this one thing....I got a little emotional during the ceremony too! The 13th was Mother's Day. Megan got me my very first Mother's Day card and Dad Jim got me the most beautiful necklace. Again, I got emotional.
I had visited the midwife earlier in the week and everything seems to be right on target. Alistair's heartrate was 150 this time, still right where it should be. We're almost to 26 weeks now and it's freakin unbelievable! Sometimes I panic, thinking there isn't enough time left, but that is par for the pregnancy course. Also, Noah and I had a day off together last week and cleaned out our apartment, got a bigger storage unit and made Alistair his own closet. (I was needing a place to stash the small items that were piling up in my dining room.)
There really isn't much going on now. I'm just relaxing, enjoying some time off and getting pretty excited to go to Ohio on Wednesday!!!! WOO HOO!!! Here are pictures from graduation night ("The Belly" at 24 weeks), and Alistair's closet begining to accumulate "stuff!"

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