Monday, April 16, 2007

19 weeks and counting and counting and counting...

20 weeks can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!! This Friday (the 20th) is the official 20 week mark....HALF WAY TO BABY! It is also our ultrasound appointment!!! YAY! This is the LLOONNNGGGEEEESSSTTT week yet!

So, I've been meaning to post a sound clip of the heartbeat, but haven't figured out my new technology yet. (The school semester is almost over, then I will have more time to fiddle with it.) Anyway, I wanted to post this story with the heartbeat clip, but I just MUST post it along with my story from today!

So, I took the recording of the heartbeat to work with me the day after I got it. I have always heard people say that it sounds like a washing machine, but this astounded me!
My boss (Elizabeth) said to Annie (The 3 year old), "That's the baby! What do you think?"
To which Annie replied (and read this EXACTLY as I have it typed), "baby ridin horsy in Tricia belly!"
Sure enough, it sounds like a horse gallopping and that's what Annie says!!!

So, for today's story! Annie asks to "hold the baby" and I let her put her hands on my belly and pretend. Well, at chik-fil-a today she came and sat next to me after a fairly long run in the playland and she informed me, "I'm gon hold baby now, k?"
She put her hand on the belly and felt kicks. She asked me what it was and I told her that the baby kicked her hand! So, she pointed to my belly as if to scold it and said, "No, no! We don't kick! Not nice!" She looked up at me because at this point I was laughing at her! She said, "Tricia, baby needs time-out! He forgot his listening hears!" (May I remind you that ANnie thinks it's a baby boy in Tricia belly....we don't officially know yet)

Anyway, I just felt like I HAD to share that! Here's Annie:

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  1. That is so adorable!! Innocence is amazing. WOuldn't it be wonderful if everyone shared that same outlook on life? Kids are the greatest.


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