Friday, April 06, 2007

18 Weeks, Sleep and SNOW!

Yes, today is the 18 weeks mark! YAY! Every new week holds something new for Mommy and Baby. I didn't want to sleep last night because the baby was moving so much and it was so incredible to feel him (or her) (God, I can't wait to find out!) flipping around, kicking and punching. I was so exhausted, though, that I did fall asleep pretty fast. Noah just came off of midnight shifts and he was tired too. He and Frank slept in this morning!

I got off work early today and came home to play with Frank and Ralphy. Well, they were more interested in a stuffed sheep I got at Wendy's yesterday. (yes, I stopped to get fries!) Before I knew it, it had snowed in my living room!!!

CHECK OUT HOW BIG WE'RE GETTING!!!!! (Yep, I'm sporting my Bella Band)

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