Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

Aunt Jen and Mr. Wes came up for a day and we had a BLAST! Alistair was SO EXCITED to have them over! He set a bar stool by the living room window and watched for them Friday night! {SO CUTE}

Friday night, we stayed up late and talked. No one really knows just how exciting that is to me. {I got to talk to people over the age of 4!}

On Saturday, we just hung out and relaxed! We took a bike ride to the beach in the afternoon! I cannot believe how much fun it was to do these simple things!

Thank you, Jen, for taking pictures for me....again! I love you!

Close enough to kiss!


Caught in the act!

Everyone joined in Alistair's FAVORITE beach activity, throwing rocks!


Daddy's boy!

Yes, he was in HEAVEN!

*All pictures taken by Jennifer Brackbill except, of course, the one she's in. Wes took that one! LOL!*

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