Monday, March 21, 2011

Magic Moments Monday #3

Standing on the sandbar
(taken by Noah w/ Pano app for iPhone)

Practicing Casting!
*Note* the object above his head is his practice weight! Great timing, huh?!
(taken by Noah w/ iPhone)

Nothing is more fun than worms in a cup!
(I used my "real" camera...haha)

Helping Daddy work on Mama's car!
(taken by Noah w/ iPhone)


  1. Love that first panoramic shot! And the last cute. Already just like daddy :) Why must they grow up so fast?

  2. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments!
    I don't know what his deal is! I keep telling him to slow down and he just won't listen! ;)

  3. Deanna Eichenlaub2:48 PM

    LOVE these pics! He looks like a natural fisherman! Did he catch anything? Mark and a friend were supposed to take the "big girls" to some fishing event this weekend but it's supposed to be cold and rainy. :( I love that even though you guys can't always be together, you make the most out of every moment Noah's home! I know your boys are growing up with some incredible memories!


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