Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alistair! Our baby turns 2!

Opening his gift from his best friends, Jake and Sadie!

With help from Jake and Sadie.....

...stepping back to let Jake and Sadie open it!

a play-doh set!!!

ya, so, there were 6 candles, but they had cool colored flames! i had to use them all!

Sadie is a good helper blowing out candles too!

"My babies"
Licking frosting off of the candles and sticking their fingers in it!

He is SOOOOO good on his bike now!

And he knows he's good! LOL!

Like Father, Like Son!
(I am so happy that the garden is slowing down and I can spend more time watching this!)

Watch him coast! He has GREAT balance!

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