Saturday, January 17, 2009

BabySheild, Pedialyte and GRAND adventures with new friends

BabyShield is an amazing computer program that you can start to "lock" your computer from your baby! It takes key combinations to quit, so it's nearly impossible for a child to unlock AND it plays music and does different things when the keys are pressed or the mouse it clicked. Alistair thinks he's playing a game, while we're content to know he's not erasing any vital info! GREAT INVENTION!
AAAAND....we've had our first adventure with the flu. Mommy and Alistair both had it this week and Alistair is still fighting the diarrhea. Poor bub! He's in good spirits now and is eating well, but we're still keeping the pedialyte in him. Thankfully, he likes the pedialyte and we're calling it "juice," so he doesn't really know it's any different.
ALSO, I started my new job on the 5th and it is AMAZING! I have 2 other children now, they're twins who are 2 months older than Alistair and we're all having a blast! It's working out great so far and Alistair LOVES his new friends! Stay tuned for more adventures with Jake and Sadie!


3 Babies in the Ball Pit!

Where's the squirrel?

Doing his work

Scrambled eggs...with ketchup, of course!

"The Chicken Dish" w/ garlic and parmasean asparagus!
(This was the night before the last picture, same jammies)

In the box with Bob, B and Blanket

Full Belly=Happy Baby!

He sees a cat on the BabyShield game!
(btw, he knows ALL his animals and does ALL the sounds!)
Listen closely and watch his mouth when he says "cat." He pronounces perfectly!

Riding the Horse at Aiden and Teagan's house

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