Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm not S-H-I-Tn' you!

That's right, we have to spell certain things now! Not just because we curse alot but because Alistair knows certain words and will ask for things over and over if he hears certain "key" words.
He's getting really big! We can't believe it! Everyday there's something new. He's not a baby anymore, that's for sure....he's like a miniature adult! I don't have much time so here's some pics to catch you up on the last month.

Loves his Grandma

Loves his Mimi

Looking Dapper

Cold weather=Monkey Hat

Daddy Time

Gnu Gnu and Grand-Dude came to visit

Taking some time to put a cover on his TPS report

Giggling for Aunt Krista

Loving his Great-Grandpap

Finally opened up to Uncle Steve

REALLY attached to Grammie Vel

Smiley Boy


Silly with Daddy

PS2 with Daddy

Sleepy boy and his Grammie Vel

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  1. There's my boy! haha. I really miss you guys! Love the beautiful blue eyes, and he monkey hat! :)


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