Sunday, December 16, 2007


I started working this past week and Alistair starting going to school. The GREAT news is my job is in the infant room at Nittany Christian School and Alistair is in my class!!!! IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!! I LOVE the job and it is an added bonus that I have my little man there all day with me! No going off to work worrying if someone is taking good care of him! He resisted the bottles at first, but is doing MUCH MUCH better now! If he is hungry when it's time for my lunch break, I take him with me to nurse. If not, I pump more milk for him to eat in the afternoon! I couldn't ask for anything more! It is good for him too! He's at a great age to learn that other people can take care of him, and they do! He is also VERY interested in the other babies....he's the youngest one in our class.

More GREAT news!!!!! Alistair has started rolling over! He did it for the first time Friday morning and is just having a blast with his new-found skill! However, he's only figured out rolling back over once, so he gets mad at me if I leave him on his tummy and I have to roll him back over! (He has NEVER liked tummy time.)

I wish I could blog more, but this dial-up is killing me. We will have a better connection soon and I will catch everyone up on the latest pictures!


  1. yay you updated!! I couldnt be happier for you and your new job! Its so exciting to hear things are going well. Please email me your new address.

  2. lexus200332:39 AM

    Hey!! I got your mail..thank you so much..I really need to talk to you again...I'll call you either the 2nd or 3rd..I'm so glad you and Alistair are doing so well in your class :)

  3. Miss Krissy6:59 PM

    Hey, I am glad that you and Alistair are in the Infant room with me. What great fun we have singing "Alistair, the cows are in the corn!" LOVE the pictures, I just had to show them off to my former co-worker. She agrees with me that he is quite a looker.

    Krissy :o)


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