Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The waiting game continues....

Today was my "due date." Well, for reference, here's what "due date" means: The date at the center of the 4 week period when birth is possible and considered "full term." WHATEVER! He'll come when he's darn good and ready! He's just a little relaxed and laid-back about the whole thing, not in a hurry to come out into the cruel, cold world. There's not much news except to report that at our midwife visit today, I was more dilated than last week and his head is EVEN lower, too! I'm trying not to be diappointed that I have not delivered. At least my pain, misery and sleepless nights are for something. SOME work is being done and that's good news. The other good news is that Noah and I have a little more time together before we become the 3 of us and I don't want to wish that away.

ONE more thing....I have signed up for the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk on September 29th in Virginia Beach. It is a FANTASTIC cause and a wonderful organization that is making great "strides" in Alzheimer's research and treatment. So, Alistair and I will be walking that day and if you would like to donate to the Alzheimer's Association, click on the link to the right and you'll be directed to my personal sponsorship page. You can donate right from my website or, if you prefer, you can send money to me and I will turn it in when I check in for the walk that morning. My goal is to raise $200 for this event, please help Alistair and I in our first "cause!"

Thanks for checking in. I hope you like my new blog format, I was getting bored. I also hope you liked the pictures in my last post. My husband is a VERY creative photographer! (You should see the "studio" and lighting he had to work with and he STILL made me look beautiful!) :D

I'm posting this video because I just LOVE this song. It makes me cry EVERYTIME I hear it. Also, I LOVE REBA!


  1. I keep looking on here for baby updates (hoping Alistair decided to come out!!) I'm so sad. I'm guessing the 6th. But I'm probably wrong. Grrrr

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I was getting so upset that you weren't updating and then I called your mom last night and she tells me you had the baby!!!!!!!! Oh congrats!!!!! I'm so happy for you. You'll have to let me know everything......I already know he's 7lbs 15 oz. lol and 21 inches. haha and adorable I'm guesing. good luck with him!!


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